Personal Trainers Are Missing a HUGE Opportunity on YouTube

If you are a personal trainer or own a gym, there is a great chance you are missing a huge opportunity to grow your brand and reach new clients using YouTube (and Instagram if you have the bandwidth).

Today, I want to share two interesting examples of fitness professionals who have built an empire just by making regular YouTube content.

Case Study #1: Jeff Cavalier, Athlean X

Jeff is a physical therapist and trainer for some of the world’s most well known celebrities and athletes. He was formerly the head trainer for the New York Mets.

More importantly, Jeff has gone on to build a 3-million member following on YouTube as one of the world’s most popular personal trainers.

There are a few things I believe helped Jeff skyrocket to success:

1. Jeff’s Hook: Putting The Science Back In Strength Training

2. Jeff’s Legacy: Jeff Trains the world’s elite from Sting to Tom Glavine

3. Jeff’s Format: Jeff delivers personal training videos to help his viewers while telling his story. He’s capitalized on the VLOG format better than most other fitness YouTubers.

4. Jeff’s Consistency: Jeff is able to take advantage of YouTube’s Watch Time Algorithm by making sure he posts highly shareable content almost every single day.

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Case Study #2: Elliot Hulse, Strength Camp

Elliot is well known around the YouTube world for his outlandish, yet well-studied takes on spiritual, physical and emotional growth.

Elliot has amassed a following of over 1 million viewers by sticking to the following:

1. Elliot’s Hook: Become the strongest version of yourself.

2. Elliot’s Knowledge: Elliot shares an eclectic blend of biology, psychology and spiritual enlightenment thus making his content easy and interesting to digest.

3. Elliot’s Format: Elliot infuses his charismatic personality into daily fitness vlogs.

3. Elliot’s Consistency: Much like Jeff Cavalier, Elliot sticks to a regular uploading schedule allowing his followers to better connect and YouTube’s system to better promote his work.

What Is Your Plan To Use YouTube?

Now that you’ve seen how some of the world’s most well known trainers have used YouTube to build their kingdoms, how do you plan to follow suit.

If you’d like help developing and executing a winning strategy for your fitness business on YouTube, give shoot me an email and let’s talk about how we can help you accelerate your growth.

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